Wood Chipping Service

When we decided to become a Zero Carbon Farm we chose to look at the full energy life cycle of the property. To do this effecitively we decided that we needed to grow and harvest our own timber from the 25% of the farm that is covered in woodland. Thus we now have a structured harvesting and replanting program that is forward planned to allow us to supply all of our own timber for our own heating with woodchip. Unfortunately we canít do this for our secondary Pellet Boiler so we source sustainable wood pellets from White horse energy who are our pellet provider.

In providing our own woodchip we decided that we had better start to do our own chipping and thus ended up at a trading partner with Tecknamotor / Scorpion. If you wish to look at the product range we supply and maintain in the UK please follow this link

We also contract out to do wood chipping for others and if you are interested in this service please phone or book us around 1 week in advance our rates are £80/hr for chipping and transport & VAT.

We ca help with removing timber from woods and stacking this for you so that your own timber dries naturally for you and you end up with a continuous supply of woodchip for both your biomass boiler and for your horticultural and playground needs.

You can rent our chipper on a day (or half day) rate basis. Please contact the office for more information Mirian@muirhousefarm.co.uk