We have a range of stables available both through the year and for Holiday use, so if you cant leave your horse at home and wish to join in with the Common Riding events throughout the Borders with your own horse then book in. The livery is a supplement to the rental of the holiday house of your choice but allows you to both come on holiday and bring your favorite pets and equestrian activities with you.

As we are organic we have to have Organic Hay and straw for the stables , to ensure this we ask that you do not bring your own fodder but arrange this in advance with us.

If you wish to have he stable prepared in advance with a full bed of new straw this is possible and hay can also be sourced from us. If you wish to use our mucking our service this can also be arranged when you book in.

Images of the stables and available farm fields are here in the equestrian gallery.